Ohio State Convention

Little Red Schoolhouse, Cincinnati, Ohio
February 14-15, 2009

Saturday, February 14

The 17th annual Ohio State Convention was called to order by Cleve Callison leading 34b. John Bayer offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: John Bayer 440; Linda Coppock 147t; Karen Arnett 532; Rich Overturf 312b.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Cleve Callison; Vice Chairman—John Bayer; Secretaries—Linda Coppock and Karen Arnett; Treasurer—Rich Overturf.

Leaders: Eloise Clark 209; Roger Crabtree 86; Claire Outten 113; Marky Aden 62; Brad Oglesby 145t; Stephanie Fida 192; Lorraine Bayer 32b; Joe Todd 157; Brad Bahler 550; Katie Duff 354b; Kalee Duncan 345t; Melanie Hauff 421; Karen Isbell 270.


John Bealle called the class back together leading 108t. Leaders: Richard Palmer 236; Hans Bayer 504; Briana Meek 87; Nate Zweig 59; Jim Herr 172; Mike Grimes 106; David Casenhiser 569b; Karen Bahler 155; Tim Binkley 335; Mary Brinkman 313b; Thomas Smith 276; Laura Lee Earles 148; John Seaton 47t; Bobette Olson 76b; Shawn Fenton 460; Karen Swenson 149; Greg Creech 74b; Darrell Swarens 72b; Ruth E. Dolby 40; Eddie Mash 534; Ann Holzer 373; Charles Crawford 287; Wayne Dell 459. A blessing on the noon meal was offered by Steve Duff.


The afternoon session was brought to order with Claire Outten leading 315. Leaders: Michael Darby 285t; John Bahler 448t; William Shetter 181; Beth Todd 501; Judy Hauff 528; Joanna Lampert 316; Joan Aldridge 486; Regina Frick 142; Carol Medlicott 500; Jubal Bayer 183; Tom Malone 455; Jo Schultz 234; Ted Mercer 542; Bob Meek 441; Tim Morton 503; Steve Duff 313t; Laura Russell 318; Pleasance Crawford 187; Michelle Cull 384.


The afternoon session resumed with Debbie Hall leading 497. Leaders: Sylvia Thomas 372; Randy Webber 49b; Ray Rechenberg 163b; Stephanie Hysmith 178; Karen Carrelli and Eloise Clark 66; Joel-Henry Mansfield 56b; Susan Zurcher 551; Michael Domino 173; Nancy Huerta 288; Michael Hieber 324; Tom Malone 491; Joanna Lampert 549; Jim Herr 182; Jim Coppock 344; Bob Meek 193; Brad Bahler, John Bahler, and Karen Bahler 29t; Laure Lee Earles and Mary Brinkman 63.

After announcements, Cleve Callison led 347. John Bayer offered the closing prayer.

Sunday, February 15

The Sunday session of the Ohio State Sacred Harp Convention was called together by Cleve Callison leading 77b. Bob Meek offered an opening prayer.

Leaders: Linda Coppock 112; Carol Medlicott 71; Claire Outten 191; Bob Meek 274t; Debbie Hall 362; Rich Overturf 100; Karen Arnett 217; Michael Darby 77t; Marky Aden 67; John Bealle 436; Susan Zurcher 34b; Greg Howard 547; Bobette Olson 283; John Bayer 300; Ann Holzer 556; Tom Kochan 99; Sylvia Thomas 171; Jackson Pietrzak 385b; Earlene Cunningham 288; Eddie Mash 518; Anita Shaperd 377.


The singing resumed with Rich Overturf leading 105. Leaders: Hans Bayer 86; Roger Crabtree 282; Rebecca Eldridge 383; Peggy Mistak and Bob Sullivan 30t; Joan Aldridge 540; Karen Isbell 110; Ted Mercer 468; Melanie Hauff 196; Virginia Eldridge 530; Joe Todd 102; Ruth Dolby 350; Beth Todd 68b; Judy Hauff 536; James Eldridge 39b; Karen Swenson 434; Jo Schulz 147t; John Seaton 150.

Ted Mercer, Claire Outten, and Darrell Swarens conducted the memorial lesson. Appreciation was expressed especially for Pauline Childers’s years of support and instruction. Ted Mercer led 88t in memory of the following deceased: Milton Oliver—Alabama; Xenia DeMarco—California; John Etheridge—Florida; Pauline Udis and Betty Fish—Kentucky; Pauline Childers and Stephen Domino—Michigan; Alice Casenhiser, Clarence Stanley, Margaret Schuur, Ray Rechenberg, Sr., Sally Weiss, Don Cunningham, and Dallas Fish—Ohio.

Claire Outten led 176t for the following sick and shut-ins: Jeff Sheppard, Harrison Creel, Richard DeLong, Peggy Lietzenmayer, Marie Smith, Laurel Sherer, Gary Gronau, Charlie Derleth, Bill Ellason, Janet Fraembs, Suzanne Abbott, Roy Cornett, Helen Spriegal, Christine Cox, and all those serving the country in Iraq and Afghanistan. Darrell Swarens concluded the memorial lesson with prayer.

Leaders: Charles Crawford 72b; Pleasance Crawford 232; Greg Creech 159. Greg Creech offered dinner blessing.


Linda Coppock called the class back together leading 299. Leaders: Shawn Fenton 163t; Judy Schutz 200; Jubal Bayer 29b; Brad Oglesby 73t; William Shetter 198; Eric Conrad 378b; Wayne Dell 66; the Lost Tribe of Louisville (Joe Manning, Nathan Salsburg, Valerie Magnuson, Pavel Ovechkin, Lydelle Abbott, Tim Morton, Alex Udis and Dana Fadel) 49t; Michael Domino 39t; Darrell Swarens 542; Katie Duff and Katherine Eldridge 345b; Ray Rechenberg 480; Tim Morton and Nathan Salsburg 47b; Laura Russell 81t; Cleve Callison 195; Rich Kern 254.


The class was brought together by Karen Arnett leading 40. Leaders: Steve Duff 36b; Lorraine Bayer 146; Anne Gilliland 64; Jim Herr 35; Nathan Salsburg 186; Michelle Cull 496; Eloise Clark and Karen Carelli 269; Allen Dubose 268; Rebecca Eldridge 507; Karen Isbell 215; Karen Swenson 228; Melanie Hauff 277; Beth Todd 430; Eddie Mash 174; Judy Hauff 189.

Following announcements, Cleve Callison led 62 as the closing song. Eddie Mash offered a closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Cleve Callison, Vice Chairman—John Bayer; Secretaries—Karen Arnett and Linda Coppock